Testimonial– Judy Satterfield

Where would Judy Satterfield, a Bloomington resident, have been without the help of Feral Cat Friends? With over a dozen feral cats and counting living in her backyard, she needed help to contain and stabilize the issue. Judy knew among her 15 cats, there was a mother that had not been spayed yet.

Capping the number of cats Judy has at 15 would not have been possible without the work of Feral Cat Friends spaying the mother, along with another 8 of her cats. Helping the community become a healthier and more controlled environment would not have been possible without the determination and devotion of Feral Cat Friends. “I couldn’t have done it without them,” Satterfield states, as she describes the number of feral cats that continued to increase. A number that was increasing, until Feral Cat Friends came into her life.

The work they did was “unbelievable,” but it doesn’t have to end here. Why stop now, when there are so many others who need to be educated? Be the next person who helps cap the number of feral cats that are not spayed today by donating to such a worthy cause