Dear Donor,

The work we do cannot be possible without the help from generous supporters like you. Whether it is time, money, or supplies- no donation is too small to make a difference. By donating to Feral Cat Friends, you are becoming a part of our family and in turn helping your community. We would like to thank you in advance from the bottom of our heart for your generous contribution to our organization.

Feral Cat Friends

Any donation, big or small, can make a lasting impact on Feral Cat Friends. Donors can specify how they want their donations to be spent. Some of these options include:donate2
·      Spay/Neuter Surgery

·      Medicine
·      Any of the supplies on your Wish List page


If you like, you may also send donations to:donate1

Feral Cat Friends, Inc.
2600 S. Henderson Street, Suite 150
Bloomington, IN 47401
*Please make checks out to Feral Cat Friends, Inc.

If a money donation is not applicable, please visit our WishList page for supplies you can directly donate.