If you’re interested in being a volunteer, Click HERE to apply!

Duties as a volunteer may include:

  •      Outreach Teams: Small groups or individuals that can learn how to trap and transfer cats safely to veterinarians for spay/neuter surgery. If you have interest in learning this process and going out into the community to our target areas, this would be a great option.
  •      Social Media: Our social media is newly developed for Feral Cat Friends! If you enjoy using social media and creating engaging posts for our followers, this would be a helpful volunteer opportunity.
  •      Grant Writers: Grants are available to help Feral Cat Friends. Volunteers who have background in grant writing or are interested in learning more are welcome to volunteer.
  •      Fostering: Please look at our fostering page to learn more about the possibility to foster kittens and cats.
  •      Fundraising Events: If you enjoy coordinating a fund raising event or cat food drive, your time would be greatly appreciated.







Please Note: If you are going to volunteer, you must be over the age of 18 and will be subject to a criminal background check.