Community Cat TNR Program


Since 2003, Feral Cat Friends, Inc. has saved community, feral, stray and neighborhood cats in Bloomington, Indiana. Six-hundred (600) feral cats were euthanized at the Bloomington Animal Shelter in 2003. Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) has reduced this number to 16 cats in 2015 and 0 cats in 2016 as a result of our collaborative community efforts with Bloomington Animal Care and Control. We have been the primary advocate of feral and stray cats in Bloomington for over 13 years.

The cats are trapped humanely, transported to a veterinarian to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated and ear-tipped. The cats are returned to their original location as a managed colony with a caregiver who provides food, water and shelter daily.

We will TNR any size colony of cats. No limit!

We realize how important it is to sterilize 95%-100% of each colony of cats because a single intact female cat can have three litters in a year resulting in 10-15 new kittens annually!

No application is required, simply contact us by email:










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